Friday, June 14, 2019

Birdhouse present

Mila is leaving preschool and doing the big leap to school in September. It is a big move and a important milestone for every child and for their parents. Here in Germany it is also a lot of ceremonies and fests connected to this important move. In April started the preparations and plannings. The class-parent organized such a nice evening with snacks and wine - yes wine for a parent evening is super cool and not heard of in Sweden. I did my best trying to follow what was said. The main topics were: T-shirt for each kid, group photo, present to the kindergarten on environmental theme, summer fest, presents to teachers, to write a song or performance and balloons or no balloons to let go on summer fest.

We decided that as a leaving present to the kindergarten we would give a birdhouse and I said that I can organize and paint it.  Said something like "Ich kann eine Vogelhaus gemacht.."
We had some inspirations from Internet of how to make it a nice present that will stay in the kindergarten garden. I bought a plain wooden birdhouse in Bauhaus and painted it with acrylic colors. When I had made the base painting of the house I brought it to kindergarten and let each preschool kid to make a fingerprint on it. Green or red based on which group they went to.
Then I made birds with wings out of the fingerprints which are flying away to school. Birds leaving the nest. I wrote the kids name under and added a window and a roadsigns towards school and new adventures. And also the text preschool kids 2019 flying out - in German. Last touch was to put clear lack so the color will stay and protect the house.
This is the result and also picture from yesterday when we gave it away.

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