Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Out of School and bright memories

This year is running so fast. It feels like yesterday it was February and  I started studying German here in Düsseldorf. Now it is beginning of June and I had my last week in school last week. Very happy that I decided to start studying and grateful for meeting great people and that I have learned a lot. Maybe I will continue B1 & B2 this autumn we will see. 

From this semester in Berliner Allee I will mostly remember
1. The big German map that we used a lot. A way to get a leg stretcher and to navigate through Bundesrepublics and cities in this big country. Also interesting with a for me new view of Europe where focus is on Germany and where Sweden is not even included. 

2. Our lessons with Nadia where she was playing us good German songs with poetic lyrics. The Goethe text we read and watched over and over. And all the art lessons where we learned art history in German. 

3. The Kitchen with many clean up notes which was strictly not for students to enter - but because our class was tiny and mature we maybe trespassed and made coffee in there anyways...

4. The colorful home and the great hospitality when Nadia invited us to her home our last class with her. And cooked an amazing dish. 

5. Rose-Marie my cool classmate who found her Düsseldorfer man on Tinder and decided to live her Golden Age with full glow. A real life Pippi Longstocking in her golden age. Who is giggling like a teenager over words like knüller, fika/fick and many other words which has slightly different meaning in Swedish and German. And who are up for a pilsner and a bratwurst down by Rhein a Tuesday. 

And as a Thank you to teachers and classmates I made this illustration of us a all six. I made copies and put on hard board and gave on our last lessons with the teachers. I think I capture us pretty well and with the Düsseldorf skyline or at least part of it in the background

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