Saturday, May 9, 2020

Tulips in Grevenbroich

I might sound like an old lady but I don't care ( as Mila would say..) my dream was to go and see the big colorful Tulip fields in Keukenhof in the Netherlands this year. I had planned that I might first go with a friend and then also bring the family along. I had already last year checked the dates for when the Tulip fields will blossom the most and when the special tulip gardens will open. But hey Corona came made people skick and closed the borders. I thought no big tulip fields experience for me this year. Until I was scrolling through Facebook and found that our next-door neighbor had newly taken picture of the family in front of a huge colorful tulip field. I asked them tell me where they've been and it turns out that these big fields are from here in Germany only 30 min from Düsseldorf in a small place called Grevenbroich. I was very excited to check it out, take pictures and show the family something beautiful and pretty unique for this area. When I shared my plans with the kids they both started to complain loudly and asked me if I could not come up with something more boring then going to see a field of tulips. You would have thought that since they had been stuck in quarantine for a few weeks they would be happy to go on a small trip to see something else...
It was a windy day after very warm sunny weather we have had for weeks it was a chock to the system - but we enjoyed our picknick out of the wind kids sitting in the trunk and me and Loren at the front ( it felt like something I did when I was a kid and traveling to Idre) The fileds were beautiful and we had a nice day and I bought some nice tulips from the fileds to enjoy at home.

I tried to arrange one of those beautiful pictures when all family members are happy smiling looking into the camera with this great background...

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