Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our big Prague family

First evening a lot of laughter and great food 
Here comes some more pictures from our trip to Prague together with our big Prague family. We felt so incredibly welcomed and good coming back. We are so so blessed having all these great friends. Like Loren wrote somewhere that "rich people are once who have friends" and yes we are very rich and fortunate to have such good funny people here and there. Just look at our big smiles and happy faces on the pictures. Lets use an old phrase "pictures says more then thousands words!"
Thank you all again for best weekend ever and see you guys again soon if not in Sweden or Russia we will soon come back to Prague. 

Happy Team Nikolovski 

Filip getting a lot of attention getting introduce to our big Prague family

The mandatory big team picture with a touch of back to school. Amazing to see how the kids grow and the group also

Clowns and some extra kids 

Mila happy back in her birth town and  defiantly still recognize the streets, parks, friends and flavors 

Kampa bridge

Filip's first visit to Prague in person 

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