Sunday, November 15, 2015

Summer heat in our kitchen

I have noticed a big cultural difference that I am trying to get use to, but it is hard. Sweden has cold winters (or should have or used to have at least) same goes for Moscow I am expecting minus degrees and snow. The difference is that here they are kind of compensating for the cold outside temperature with extra super warm inside. I mean 25 degrees seems to be normal and many people I see use shorts and t-shirts as indoor clothing. In Sweden normal is around 20 degrees inside it is warm but not summer hot and you still need to add a layer of wool to keep toasty and warm but it is pretty comfortable I think or maybe its because I am use to it. So here I am sitting in our kitchen and sweating in 24,7 degrees and can hardly think straight. Floor heating and also radiators. Why I don't turn the heating down you might wonder.. I do. But unfortunately in order to get the heating system to warm up upstairs I need to keep a higher temperature on the thermostat which is placed downstairs. Maybe this will be a blessing when the cold weather comes but for now I feel like I am melting away and yes I am also starting to use my summer cloths inside and opening windows and maybe soon I will walk in bikini, or maybe not... 

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