Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Townhouse life in Moscow

Of course you want to see how we live in Moscow. For many me included I had no idea how to picture life and living in Russia, Moscow before we moved here. I feel even a little embarrassed to admit that I was really suspicious and thought that here is much more undeveloped and primitive than Europe. But I was proven to be wrong and I am very positively surprised with many things here. Yes I do know that we are very fortunate and can pick and live in nicer areas not having to see the ugly faces of this big city. Because of course every place has good and bad sides more or less. As Loren's office moved further out from city center we decided to also move so instead of spending 1,5 hour in traffic to work ( on a good day) now Loren only has 5 minutes drive and we have much more time together. Before we lived very central and walking distance to Gorky park & Red Square, very nice indeed but the benefit of the Team spending more time together is priceless. Also I love the fact that we have a townhouse now with a small garden instead of a flat.

Our neighborhood is pretty new and built up after a street somewhere in Italy according to our landlord. To me it looks little bit like Amsterdam with these townhouses in many different colors. We have gates and guard by the entrance and at least 5-6 men constantly brushing up or walking around blowing leaves away. Here is some pictures of our neighborhood. How it looks like outside our gates is very diverse. Many huge luxurious mansion looking houses but also some sheds and primitive houses with goats and cow in the backyard. Some street dogs down the road a sight I am not use to see. I will show pictures of life outside the gates in the future.

We have a very nice little supermarket 7 minutes walk from us and also can't wait for the gym to open on the second floor there in December.

Playground in the middle of our neighborhood

Our street 

Our neighborhood from the main street 

Main road but pretty quiet just outside our gates

Our blue house 

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